The Facade.

An interesting read from photographer Jenny Swerdlow!

Jenny Swerdlow Blog

When taking a self portrait, an artist takes into consideration which face of the ego to indulge in, how they want to portray themselves and the truths they want to tell or conceal.

Spanish artist Gaüeca created the series ‘Me Myself and I’ (2002-04) the title commenting on selfishness and egotistical behaviour of humans. In the set, he is seen to be playing the role of a person pretending to be somebody else. Gaueca mocks the facade of the pompous individuals of the art world and the behaviour and mannerisms of the upper class, with the image they so perfectly uphold, but possibly hiding their true personalities. The images show the character in carefully composed sets, moulded to fit in with the upper class image, without mocking but commenting on those involved with this certain facade due to his extensive knowledge of those in the art world.

Gaueca uses thought bubbles…

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