My Photography Resolutions for 2017

I don’t usually make New Year resolutions, but recently I been doing a lot of reflecting on my work and I think that setting myself goals to work towards can only be a good thing!

So, here are my photography resolutions, areas in which I intend to work upon this year:

1. Shoot more, Think less.

I always overthink my images. I really like to go into a shoot, whether for an agency, or a self portrait, completely knowing what I am doing and, hopefully, have a clear idea of how the shoot will look. This is how I’ve always worked and it’s more than often, it is quite helpful, however, I think that sometimes it’s good to loosen up a bit. It’s nice to be a bit more spontaneous and relaxed; to go out with my camera and shoot without a particular aim in mind, other than to just capture something. It doesn’t matter if the result is the best image I’ve produced or not, it just gives me more options and imagery to consider.

2. Blog more!

Starting now, I plan to blog a lot, lot more. I love looking at images on the internet, but I feel that the process before and after an image has been captured is so important and interesting. Everyone plans, shoots and edits differently, and I would personally love to see more of this from photographers. I definitely think there needs to be more discussion between photographers about their images, and more positive critiques other than just likes, followers and numbers that don’t really help a photographer grow. Because of all of this, I’m going to blog a lot more about my own images, which means more behind the scenes footage, more reflections on my images and more speed edits. I also really want to do an ongoing series of videos where I talk about my images/photography related themes, but I’m not entirely comfortable in front of a video camera, so I’ll have too think about this a bit more!

3. Get Social Media Savvy

I m not the most amazing person at publishing work on social media and getting a lot of attention. To be completely honest, I mostly think that social media is such a nuisance, but I’m going to change this attitude. I am going to start being more present on social media, and publish way more consistently.

Do you have any resolutions or plans for your photography in 2017?


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